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Detective George Murphy


The Pipes and Drums of the New York Police Department Emerald Society mourns the death of our long time Friend and Supporter George Murphy age 67, a retired Detective formerly assigned to the Bomb Squad. He passed away suddenly from an apparent heart attack, while at a marina in New Jersey on Saturday August 22nd. George grew up in Brooklyn in a family of 8 children. As a young man he soon found himself in the Army where he attained the rank of sergeant serving from 1968-1971. He took great pride in his military service, he spent a tour in Vietnam as a pathfinder, an extremely dangerous assignment. George received medals including a Silver Star for his heroic and courageous performance in battle and a Purple Heart when he was later wounded in action. Through the years he kept in touch with the soldiers who fought alongside him. After returning home from the war Murphy married his first wife Patti and then joined the NYPD. He started his career at the 60th Precinct in Coney Island where he quickly learned and loved the job. Unfortunately the city’s fiscal crisis came along and George like thousands of other young cops was laid-off. When he was called back to the job he was assigned to the 17th Precinct on the eastside of Manhattan. His next stop was a transfer to the Bomb Squad and a promotion to detective. Once again he was at the forefront of critical and volatile situations reminiscent of his Army days and always he responded fearlessly. In 1991 he was severely injured during a training exercise at an upstate military base. While rappelling from an NYPD helicopter there was a malfunction with his gear and he fell to the ground. Miraculously he survived but was unable to return to full duty and was forced to retire from the job he loved. After surgeries and countless hours of tough physical therapy along with his “Irish-determination” he somehow got back on his feet again. He started a new career in the private sector as a handler of bomb detecting canines. Throughout his time in the NYPD George and Patti raised 4 children. When the kids were young the family attended Emerald Society trips to the Catskill Mountains, in later years they were joined by their grandchildren. George enjoyed attending monthly meetings when he worked downtown and was usually at our St. Patrick’s Day Parade and pier party. His best times were those he shared with wife and kids. Sadly Patti passed away 13 years ago this month. That was probably the most difficult time of his life after losing her. Several years later George met his 2nd wife Mary she too had lost her spouse, together they shared a wonderful life. They had memorable time travelling and being with each other. His friendliness, sincerity and sense of humor will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing George Murphy. He was a humble hero of the US Army and the NYPD, a guy who had guts.

George is survived by his loving wife Mary, his beloved children Kerry, George, Erin and Brian, adoring grandchildren Emily, Paul, Kaitlyn, Jenna, George, Patrick, Meghan, Tony, Jake, Brian, Sean, Connor and Gavin and his dearest siblings Thomas, Kenneth, Billy, Michael, Colleen, Patricia and the late Gregory.



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